Welcome to the Koopgoot Rotterdam!

The Koopgoot, which is the generally accepted nickname of what was officially named Beurstraverse and roughly translates as ‘Shopping Gutter’, has been the main shopping centre in the heart of Rotterdam for 20 years. Apart from this, it is an architectural masterpiece that has won many awards. Particularly inviting to relax and take in all the impressions are the chairs that were especially designed for the Koopgoot by Maarten Baas.

Have fun by the surprise fountains, or take a selfie on our XXL iPads. Visit Europe’s largest H&M, or stop at the world’s most remarkable gift shop. Walk down the large stairs and be ready for a surprise!

A variety of events are hosted here throughout the year. Culinary delights are served during the Kookgoot (Cooking Gutter) event late in May, for instance. From July until September, the weekends are filled with local festivals featuring music, comedy, street theatre and spectacular shows, and during the holiday season, the Koopgoot transforms into a magical winter wonderland.

See you in the Koopgoot!

Shopping in a safe and responsible environment.

We find it very important that our visitors can shop in a safe environment, especially now that almost all shops are open again in the Koopgoot. That is why we follow the advice of the RIVM and measures taken by the central government with regard to the coronavirus. We have also applied the ‘Responsible Shopping’ guidelines, specifically for shops, to the public area. The result is clear communication in our shopping area to support people in following the rules. The signing includes clear instructions, well thought-out walking flows, clear signage, dispensers and a beautiful natural border of flower pots with lavender.

We are happy to welcome you (again) in the Koopgoot, please keep a 1.5 meter distance and be kind to each other.